The zoo authorities at the Roger Williams Park Zoo organized an eco-friendly campaign in which they collected household waste from the residents in Rhode Island. This campaign was supported by the Rhode Island Resource Recovery Group and the Office for Sustainability at the city of Province. This campaign focused on promoting eco-friendly behavior among the residents, and it also helped in reducing the amount of waste in the state's landfills.

Bamboo Bags Wholesale – an Eco-Friendly Campaign

The authorities organized this event on the 16th of March, 2013, and they labeled the campaign as Ready, Set, Recycle. During the campaign, the residents had to leave all their waste materials in their cars and they were given a free ticket to see the zoo. Each car was given one free ticket, and the residents had to buy the rest, and once the residents finished their tour of the zoo, they could hand in their waste materials to the volunteers at the event.

According to the Director of Public Relations and Marketing at the zoo, Jan Mariani, this campaign was proposed by a few students. She stated that when the students proposed the idea, the zoo authorities were delighted as they feel that the residents need to make efforts in order to address the waste management issue within the state. Furthermore, the zoo authorities felt that the residents would participate in the campaign if it was organized at the zoo, as they would be able to take a tour of the zoo as well.

The Need to Recycle and Promote Bamboo Bags Wholesale

The students proposed the recycling campaign to the zoo authorities as they are presently studying about the harmful effects of household waste that is disposed into landfills. According to research, household waste, specifically old electronics, emit dangerous gases into the soil of the landfills. Furthermore, a lot of the household waste consists of mercury, pesticides, and other harmful ingredients that can degrade the environment around the landfills.

Looking at the harmful effects that household items have on the environment, the zoo authorities collected waste during the campaign and sent it across to the Resource Recovery Group within the state, as the group usually reuses these waste materials or converts them into electricity. Apart from collecting the waste, the zoo authorities also encouraged the residents to use reusable bags or bamboo bags wholesale instead of plastic bags. This is because plastic bags have derogatory effects on the environment, and they are extremely hard to dispose and recycle as well.