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San Antonio among the Metros Offering Green Apartment Communities

san antonio green apartment communities

Given the growing awareness on creating green buildings and localities, the Apartment Guide recently analyzed few metros of the city to determine how eco-friendly these green apartment communities are. According to the analysis, San Antonio was ranked in terms of offering green apartments.

Cities That Offer Eco-Friendliest Green Apartments

The top metro to offer the highest number of eco friendly homes was Seattle while Austin bagged the third spot. This list was complied based on the information about green communities collected by the Apartment Guide. The analysis took into consideration factors like apartments having LEED certifications, drought resistant landscaping, energy efficient windows, plumbing as well as lighting and other similar eco friendly elements. The cities that made it to the top 10 metros offering green-friendly apartments were the ones that had highest number of eco friendly properties.

Apart from this, the Apartment Guide also came up with a special compilation of tips for winterizing houses. Some of these tips are :

  • Checking the weather stripping around windows as well as doors. If the strip looks worn out, it is better to contact your property manager immediately so that he can look into the matter.
  • Insulated curtains are a simple and effective way of allowing heat to stay in your house.
  • Running a dehumidifier in the night can help prevent frost formation on windows.
  • Check your house thoroughly for any leaks, both from the inside and the outside. 
  • According to the US Department of Energy , houses with central heating tend to lose as much as 60 percent of heated air much before it even reaches the vents, in case the duct-work is not insulated properly or isn’t well connected. 
  • Also make sure that you get your furnaces tuned and cleaned at least one a year. Once winter starts, you should check the furnace filters on a monthly basis and change them whenever needed.

Simple Ways to Go Eco-Friendly with a Green Apartment

You don’t always need to take drastic eco friendly steps to maintain a sustainable lifestyle. You can start off with smaller steps like opting for wholesale reusable bags. Not only is this an inexpensive and easy way of going green but will also help your city and the planet on the whole in dealing with plastic bag waste. You just need to start off by carrying these bags while shopping and soon it will turn into a habit.


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