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San Antonio Looking to Recycle Plastic Bags

This move comes as great news for the city, where plastic bags create a lot of garbage disposal problems

As of August 1, San Antonio residents will be able to do their part for the environment, as per a contract of the City Council with ReCommunity. They will be able to give their single use plastic bags for recycling by simply tossing them into their blue carts. All the single use plastic bags that the customer has will need to be bundled into a single plastic bag, with no receipts and any other matter in them, and then the plastic bags can be put into their blue carts to be sent for recycling.

Reduce Plastic Waste Easily When You Recycle Plastic Bags

This move comes as great news for the city, where plastic bags create a lot of garbage disposal problems. Now a new processing system will help to recycle plastic bags by customers, while they are sitting in their homes. Come August 1, citizens just need to put all their single use plastic bags into one bag and simply put them in their blue carts to be sent for processing. Black plastic bags should be kept separate from the bundle, as should any receipts and paper, and the bags should be clean and dry. The handles should also be tied closed to prevent spillage of the bags.

People should not put any recyclables or anything in their bundles of plastic bags. Only plastic bags should be in the bundle and if possible make it into a ‘soccer ball’ size for size reference. This translates to roughly two of three weeks of plastic bag usage by an average household in San Antonio. Another way to help the environment and keeping plastic off the streets is to buy wholesale reusable bags. These bags, as the name suggests, can be reused as many times as possible, with lesser impact to the environment.

Recycle Plastic Bags and Use Wholesale Reusable Bags

Recycling single use plastic bags does have its pros, but it will cost the city nearly $1.3 million to recycle and manage those plastic bags. One way to bring that cost down is to buy and use reusable bags that lessen the number of plastic bags on the street. Wholesale reusable bags are eco-friendly, can be used multiple times and do not cause environmental harm. They are used many times so you do not need to buy or get a new bag every time you go shopping. Plus with less number of them in use, recycling them will be cost effective and easy.



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