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San Diego County Encourages Recycling Among the Local Businesses

san diego county encourages recycling

To try and curb the issue of excessive waste generation in the San Diego County, the officials are planning on releasing a new ordinance. According to this ordinance, businesses in and around the San Diego County will be required to increase the level of recycling in their premises. This ordinance is specifically designed for all the businesses that generate waste or garbage that is higher than 4 cubic yards in a week’s time.

The Present Law on Recycling in San Diego County

At present, the county of San Diego has laws which state that the residents need to recycle some of the ingredients in their waste regularly. So, housing complexes that facilitate multiple families and single-family households and businesses that cover more than 20,000 square feet of construction area are obligated to recycle some part of their waste on a daily basis. With the present law in place in 2011, the county officials were successful in diverting approximately 60% of the waste from the landfills to the recycling centers. Therefore, the county has been relatively successful in managing the issue of solid waste disposal in the recent past.

San Diego County Ordinance to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

According to the proposed ordinance, all businesses that produce more than four cubic yards of waste will have to recycle their waste at regular intervals. The city council will hear the details of this ordinance in the coming week and will decide whether or not to implement it. Even if the new ordinance is approved, residential units and commercial spaces such as hotels will have to recycle the same materials that they have been recycling at present. So, only selected businesses will be affected by this ordinance. However, the San Diego County staffers are of the opinion that if the new ordinance is passed, the county will be able to match the state recycling rates easily, as the burden on the landfills will reduce drastically, and the residents can also be encouraged to use eco friendly promotional items.

In the year 2011, a bill was passed by the government which stated that the state of California needs to divert at least 75% of its solid waste into recycling centers. To help reach this goal, the local county authorities need to increase the rate of recycling in their centers as well. If this new ordinance is passed, almost all the businesses in the San Diego County will have to increase their recycling rates, and therefore a significant amount of solid waste generation will reduce. So the authorities are expected to approve this ordinance.


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