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San Diego Officials Encourage Recycling Among Residents

san diego encourage residents recycle

Since the holiday season is around the corner, the city council in San Diego is urging its residents to recycle as much waste as possible. According to statistics, during the holiday season the residents produce 10 times more waste materials. These statistics are specifically applicable to the New Year and the Thanksgiving season. So, to help ease out the burden of waste disposal during this holiday season, the city council is urging all the residents to recycle as much as they can.

The Waste Disposal Issue in San Diego

According to the head of the Environmental Services Department of the city, Chris Gonaver, waste disposal is a big issue in the region of San Diego. The waste collected from the city is disposed in the Miramar landfill. This landfill has a limited capacity and over the years it has been filled up drastically. He states that the city has a good diversion rate of around 65 percent at present, but looking at the depleting landfill resources, they need to increase their recyclable wastes immediately. Chris feels that around 2/3rd of the waste that is transferred to the landfills can be recycled easily, so the city will be able to increase its diversion rates without much effort.

San Diego Saving on Expenditure Through Eco Friendly Promotional Items

The Environmental Services Department states that in the US, the government can easily convert many products into eco friendly products. These items that can be recycled into eco-friendly materials include glass bottles, cardboard boxes, aluminum foil, tin cans, plastic materials, and paper waste. At present, instead of recycling these items, the city council in San Diego spends a considerable amount of money transferring them into the landfills, especially the one at Miramar. If these items are recycled instead, not only will the council save up on landfill space for specific waste materials, but it will also be able to save a lot of money. Various experts state that the city council can also use these recycled waste materials as a promotional tool to encourage recycling among the residents.

On the other hand, the city council is urging the residents to make wrapping paper from used materials, use ribbons that are made out of paper for their gifts, and reuse old decorations for their Christmas trees. This will enable the residents to save up on the additional costs during the holiday season, and will help reduce the waste generated during the festive month of December as well.


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