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San Diego Residents Get Free Bamboo Shopping Bags

san diego free bamboo shopping bags

SeaWorld, a marine theme park in San Diego, recently announced that it will be giving away 25,000 bamboo shopping bags to the residents of the city to help them get over the habit of using plastic bags while shopping. The park itself gave up on the practice of providing plastic bags to its visitors since 2011. According to SeaWorld, this donation is an effort by the park to prevent the use of plastic bags as they end up in various water sources, including the ocean, harming the marine animals.

Get in the Habit of Carrying Bamboo Shopping Bags

These bags will be handed out in a few weeks. The priority of the park will be to distribute them among the people belonging to the low income community residing in the southern and central parts of San Diego. The Jacobs & Cushman San Diego Food Bank will also help SeaWorld in this effort.

John Reilly, president of the park, said that the park is focusing on the impact of plastic bags on animals. The city officials are also happy with the announcement and believe that this donation will contribute towards the goal of the city of diverting 100 percent waste from the landfills by 2040. Though the City Council is scheduled to give its vote on the proposed plastic bag ban in summer, this initiative will help the shoppers of the city in familiarizing themselves with carrying a reusable bag while shopping.

Don’t Wait for the Ban to Use Bamboo Shopping Bags

Once the bag ban comes into place, providing one-time use plastic bags to shoppers will be restricted in markets, retail stores and pharmacies. Also, to ensure that residents don’t forget to carry their bamboo shopping bags, a fee of 10 cents will be applicable on the ones who take a paper bag from the store.

City officials said that residents of the city need not wait till the ban officially comes in place. They can begin with small steps so that by the time the ban comes into effect, they are fully habituated to carrying reusable bags with them every time they are out shopping. Switching to reusable bags will not only help them save a few bucks, but also be wonderful for the environment as it will help in reducing waste in the city, saving precious landfill space and most importantly protecting the life of marine animals.


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