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San Luis May Adopt a Curbside Recycling System

san luis curbside recycling program

The first city in Yuma County to start curbside recycling was Somerton. Now it seems that San Luis may start one too. San Luis has recycle bins placed at public spots all over the city currently, but the council members are looking to position these bins close to each resident’s home in the near future.

The Officials from San Luis Do Their Research for a New Recycling System

San Luis has been thinking of starting a proper curbside recycling program since the past two years, but due to shortage of finances, the plan could not be carried out. However, now the financial condition of the city has improved. Looking at the revenues that Somerton generated last year, as compared to the operating costs for the recycling project, it can be assumed that curbside recycling will be really profitable for San Luis. So the San Luis city officials paid a visit to Somerton’s recycling plant to obtain a fair idea of what needs to be done in order to set up the city’s own recycling plant. In case the finances go down again, they can also use the recycling plant of Somerton under an agreement. They are also thinking of placing curbside recycle bins for each household in the city for the benefit of the residents.

San Luis May Collaborate With Somerton to Encourage Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Since starting their own curbside recycling program could be a little costly, San Luis officials are also thinking of collaborating with the recycling program of Somerton to cut down on the costs. They had previously tried joining a recycling program that encompassed the whole of the southern part of the Yuma County. But at the time, the city’s finances were so low that the plan could not be pursued. But this time, the city’s councilman said that a recycling program was certainly desirable, but it should be planned in such a way so that the revenues are higher than the costs.

Advantages of Curbside Recycling

It is common knowledge that recycling keeps the world greener and helps in the production of eco friendly promotional items. Curbside recycling not only helps keep the environment green, but also helps the residents to get rid of their waste material easily. Not only that, it also creates jobs so that even more people could benefit from it. It prevents landfills from being exhausted of their capacity and contributes to the saving of around 5 million gallons of petrol. This minimizes the oil import and also saves money. Recycling aluminum materials saves the collection and reprocessing costs of aluminum. It also helps in funding the collection of other recyclable materials. The more people are aware of recycling, the more they will participate in it.


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