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Santa Barbara Residents to Switch to Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale in May

santa barbara custom reusable bags

Joining other American cities, Santa Barbara has also banned the use of plastic shopping bags in the city. While all the big shopping outlets in the city will switch to the use of eco-friendly shopping bags in May, small scale grocery owners have been given time till November for the transition.

Santa Barbara’s Custom Reusable Shopping Bags

While the use of plastic bags will no longer be allowed in the city, shoppers have been given the option to use paper bags for a minimum charge of 10 cents. Accordingly, stores have been asked to keep the City Council up to date with the distribution as well as the use of the fee money for educational and other purposes. While drafting the law, city officials have made sure that the plastic bags used at restaurants and other food outlets remain outside the purview of the law.

The ban has been imposed on grocery and convenience stores along with supermarkets and will affect 20 city stores and more than 60 smaller stores. The city has introduced this change so that its residents adopt eco-friendly practices and save the environment from further degradation.

The city is well known for the Earth Day Festival, which is celebrated with grandeur every year. Beginning in 1969, Earth Day was observed to remember the oil spill incident that occurred near the coast of California. Alameda Park was the venue for the festival that was held for two days this April. This is the 24th year of the event which offered displays of eco-friendly cars, bike washes as well as a charity dinner. To encourage people to go green, visitors to the festival had been urged to come on bikes instead of their cars.

Get Custom Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale

Many businesses are investing in custom reusable shopping bags wholesale to advertise their products and services as well as to develop eco-friendliness amongst their customers. Manufactured using bio-degradable materials, these bags do not release harmful chemicals into the environment and are strong and sturdy articles. They can also accommodate more goods than plastic bags and are designed in a trendy manner, and for those custom reusable shopping bags wholesale can be rinsed and re-used a number of times. So, while these kinds of shopping bags offer business owners with marketing prospects for a longer period of time, they also provide many advantages to customers as well.


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