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Residents of Santa Barbara County Excited about Using Printed Custom Bags

santa barbara excited printed custom bags

In October, the Board of Supervisors of Santa Barbara County had voted in the favor of directing the county staff to come up with a plastic bag ban ordinance. This permanent ordinance was to be developed to bring in a ban on plastic bags in the unincorporated areas of the region. The ordinance is already in place and in case it gets approved, it will be applicable on two kinds of businesses.

What Does the Proposed Ordinance Say About Printed Custom Bags?

The ban will require pharmacies, food marts, grocery stores, supermarkets, convenience food provisions and stores dealing in selling canned goods and dry groceries to stop giving out plastic bags to their customers. To begin with, the ban will be applicable only on those retail stores which cover a minimum area of 10,000 square feet. The ban has also mentioned a fee of 10 cents to be charged to those customers who opt for the paper stores available with the stores.

Customers Eager to Take out Their Printed Custom Bags

The proposed bag ban has also managed to get a positive response from the residents of the county. Most of the people in the region are already annoyed with the plastic bag litter that is polluting the water sources as well as the public areas of the county. They are of the opinion that ban on these bags will help in putting an end on the plastic bags flying across the parks and lakes of the county. Apart from that it will also help in keeping the landfill area free.

Mike Williams, who stays with his family in Orcutt, said that he is totally in favor of the ordinance and has already been recycling plastic bags at his home. He further said that once the bag ban comes into effect, people will be forced to bring in their own printed custom bags as most of them will not be happy about paying for bags that they once got for free.

Another frequent grocery shopper of Orcutt, Jennifer Byrne said that she loves the very idea of carrying her reusable bags to the store. She said that it is a good way of making people get used to the habit of carrying reusable bags as this is the least people can do for the environment.

If the proposed ordinance keeps on getting positive response that it is already gathering, there are high chances that it will come into action soon.


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