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The Santa Cruz City Council Asks Residents to Buy Reusable Bags

santa cruz buy reusable bags

From the beginning of the month of March, 2013, the residents in Santa Cruz County have been paying a larger sum of money in order to use paper bags for their grocery needs. So in order to encourage the use of reusable bags, the city council has decided to distribute free reusable bags among the residents.

The Laws with Regard to Paper and Reusable Bags

According to the latest laws in the Santa Cruz County, all the retailers that are placed outside the city need to charge their customers a minimum of 25 cents for the reusable bags that they use. The county officials have formulated this policy in order to make the residents buy reusable bags instead of single-use plastic bags.

Most of the counties and cities within the United States have formulated policies according to which the residents need to pay 10 cents in order to purchase a paper bag for their grocery needs. However, Santa Cruz County has increased the prize of these bags to 25 cents, as they feel that the residents will stop using these bags when they feel a pinch in their economical budget with it.

According to a resource planner, Tim Goncharoff, the retailers prefer having higher charges for paper bags as they earn more revenue from the customers, and these prizes go well with the county’s policies as well. He stated that at present, the county officials want the percentage of residents using reusable bags to increase, and this policy supports the cause.

County Officials Request Residents to Buy Reusable Bags

The city council members are using several techniques in order to promote reusable bags among the residents. Apart from distributing free reusable bags to the residents, they are also encouraging the latter to purchase reusable bags as these will last for a longer period of time. According to Goncharoff, reusable bags are a healthier option for the residents, which is another reason as to why the city council is promoting them. Most plastic bags have a high level of chemical contamination, and they affect the health of the user. These bags contaminate the quality of soil in the landfills as well. So environmentally and biologically, plastic bags are harmful in nature.

Goncharoff feels that even though the residents have the option of paper bags, the council wants them to use reusable bags, as paper bags will have to be recycled on a daily basis. This is why they have distributed close to 2,000 reusable bags among the residents, so that they can compare the benefits of these bags to that of others.


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