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Santa Fe Plastic Bag Ordinance for Encouraging Bulk Reusable Bags Likely to be Delayed

santa fe plastic bag ordinance delayed

There seem to be mixed reactions to the inevitable delay in effecting the plastic bag ordinance, with environmentalists showing concern and most other residents being happy over the prospect of not having to spend extra money on shopping bags. Though the business community and city leaders don’t seem to mind the proposed 10-cent levy, most shoppers are livid over such a proposal that sounds, of all things, atrocious to them.

Plastic Bag Ordinance Proposal Creates Confusion

Looks like concern for the environment can take a backseat when it comes to shelling out money for shopping bags, which until now, were taken for granted. Retailers too are probably worrying about the current inventory still lying unused. There is confusion everywhere with people not very sure how things will go. The ordinance that was ambitiously passed in August with a seven to one majority has now kicked up a raging controversy.

The 10-cent charge in dispute is clearly something that the city attorney is not in favor for, as he claims that it is an imposition that is quite impermissible, according to city spokesperson, Jodi McGinnis Porter. What with California and Colorado already embroiled in lawsuits over the contentious issue of whether it is an impermissible tax on citizens, the likelihood of the ban seeing the light of day is bleak, if not completely ruled out. There are several other jurisdictions that seem to be mulling over such an ordinance. One permanent solution lies in the use of bulk reusable bags, which the authorities are quite aware of.

City Councilor, Rebecca Wursburger, introduced a bill a few days ago that would make necessary amends to do away with the 10-cent charge that seems to be aggravating many. Another Councilor, Patti Bushee, is going a step further to ensure that the ordinance itself gets delayed for a good three months or until a permanent solution is in sight. Bushee, who is planning to run for mayor in the March municipal elections, believes that removing the 10-cent charge would not be without undesired consequences.

Plastic Bag Ordinance Is the Way to Go

With no solution in sight for the impasse, a judicious way out that will be acceptable to all should be in turning to bulk reusable bags. This will help conserve nature and appease environmentalists, and also offer a solution to the issue that could snowball to a raging controversy that could get out of hand.


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