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Organic Baby Products in Saratoga

organic baby products in saratoga

With the increasing demand for organic products, a home-maker in Saratoga has introduced a line of organic baby products. Karen Totino has been manufacturing and dealing with eco friendly promotional items for a long period of time, and baby products are the latest addition to her organic merchandise. Apart from baby products, she deals with eco-friendly architectural panels, finishes, paints, and countertops as well. Karen started her business three years back, and has received positive response from the residents in the Saratoga region.

The Demand for Organic Baby Products Products in Saratoga

According to Karen, residents in Saratoga are enthusiastic about organic products, especially organic furniture. Among all the items that are offered at her store, Karen confesses that organic furniture has the largest sales. The residents in Saratoga don’t mind purchasing eco-friendly beds and panels, as these are not very different from the regular ones. Furthermore, natural furniture is easier to maintain, and relatively easy to dispose as well. So it has become a popular choice among the residents.

Apart from organic furniture, products such as organic mattresses are in popular demand in Saratoga as well. Organic mattresses are custom-made for the customers and are created using 100 percent natural latex. The natural latex is quilted into the mattresses, giving it an extremely soft feel, and then covered with either organic wool or organic cotton. These mattresses are very easy to dispose of and since they have no chemicals in them, they improve the sleeping patterns of the people using them.

Encouraging Organic Baby Products or Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Karen got the idea to make organic baby products while raising her own children. Even though she used regular baby products for her children, she ensured that she would feed them only organic food that was rich in nutrients. While raising her children, one aged 10 years and the other aged 9 years, Karen was fascinated by the diaper issue that was bought to light by Sandra Beck. Sandra opposed plastic diapers saying that they were hard to dispose, and started producing organic diapers that were washable in nature.

Inspired by similar organic movements, Karen launched organic baby products in her store. At present, her store offers organic carpets, cribs, floors, paints, and mattresses specifically made for babies between the age of 1 year and 4 years. She also sells organic diapers that are made using a special liner which is flushable in nature, at her store. These diapers are supposed to be healthy for the baby and can also be disposed of in an eco-friendly manner.


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