The City Council of Sault Ste Marie is trying to keep the recycling depot afloat by trying to collect funds. It is called the Community Living Algoma Recycling Depot, which is currently being kept active with an annual contribution  of about twenty thousand dollars from the city. The amount collected as funds will be used to offset the Community Living Algoma's program costs.

Community Living Algoma's Recycling Depot in 2008

The recycling depot first began in the year 2008, and it basically works towards collecting unwanted Styrofoam and electronics from the city residents. By doing so, the city officials have managed to divert most of the electronic and Styrofoam waste away from the city's landfills.

Apart from being a great way to help recycle waste, the recycling depot of Sault Ste Marie's Community Living Algoma provides employment to quite a few clients. The entire program offers the opportunity to let these clients be employed and also helps to grow their transferable skills. Since the time the recycling depot had begun, it has seen some increase in the contribution to the surroundings and the work load.

Using Eco-Friendly Items and the Recycling Depot Are Popular Practices in USA

So far, the country has noticed that usage of eco-friendly promotional items and practice of recycling are the popular green measures that most cities and counties are enforcing. The city staff has packed and sent out over hundred transport loads of electronic waste, ever since the facility first began.  By doing so, the city has saved landfills from getting dumped with waste and has given an extra 9422 cubic yards of land space.

The materials collected for recycling include over thirty two transport loads of Styrofoam, which the entire facility has collected ever since it first began. It is surely seen as one of the best initiatives taken by the city staff in the United States of America, in order to encourage sustainable living and trying to keep the planet clean.

Over 1400 tons of materials have been hauled away by the depot so far. The collection of all the materials has resulted in over 4 percent of the entire waste getting diverted from the landfills. In the year 2011, the Community Recycling Depot had signed an agreement with Ontario Electronics Stewardship and the city in order to divert all the electronic waste off the landfills.