Who has not yet become annoyed by the mounting number of plastic bags under his counter, or in the pantry, or near the front door, just waiting for him, or her, to recycle at the store? Wouldn't it be so much easier to just bypass the plastic bag and use cloth shopping bags?We've all see shoppers carrying in their own bags and thought, "I should to that!" And we should! Doing our part for the earth can be as easy as bring our own cloth bags into the store with us. No plastic bags to mount up under the sink, no more forgetting to return them to the grocery store for recycling. Oftentimes nowadays stores are giving you an incentive to use your own bag, such as a nickel or dime credit on your purchase.

Promote Your Business by Putting Your Logo on Cloth Shopping Bags

Purchasing wholesale cloth shopping bags can be a great advertising idea. Brand these bags with your logo or catchphrase and hand them out for free to customers, or sell them! Reusable cloth bags are selling like hotcakes at many retailers, so why not at your location?

When clients reuse these bags around town, they are giving you free advertising! It is an easy, cheap way to get your name out there, and it provides a service to your customer. Not to mention, it helps save the earth. Just one reusable cloth bag will take the place of hundreds of plastic bags over time, reducing the waste in landfills and actually cutting costs for many retailers--who will hopefully one day pass those savings on to their customers.

Purchasing our wholesale cloth shopping bags will benefit everyone involved! See this as a great promotional opportunity, something that will benefit your customers, and a good deed for the earth! You might even want to tie in your bags with an event, such as Earth Day, to remind customers to do their part.

You can choose to sell your bags or give them away. At wholesale prices, you can afford this marketing idea! Why not do your part and benefit from the free advertising that these bags can bring? Each and every time your customer uses this at the market, she will remember you, and the cashier will know your name, too!