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Be Smart, Save the Environment with Cheap Shopping Bags

save environment with cheap shopping bags


When we all go shopping in a grocery store, craft store, book store, jewelry store, candy store, candle store, we are always given a plastic bag that has the name of the store that we just shopped in. Thousands of people go into all of these different stores every day of the year, and they receive plastic bags from all of those different stores. Some people will recycle the plastic bags, however even with recycling the plastic bags this is not easy to do. The plastic bags fly around out in the parking lot, they are not durable and they often break if too much is put into them, so people will often use two plastic bags, which does not help our environment at all.

One big reason that companies use the plastic bags is to advertise their particular store. There are better ways in which to advertise then to use plastic bags. There is social media such as facebook or twitter that is easy to use for advertisement. Many companies have gone to cheap shopping bags that people can buy several at one time and bring those sturdy shopping bags when they are shopping. The bags can be of all different sizes and colors, and for the creative person they can put their own logo on the bag. If a person has a certain business or craft that they do, making their own bags and taking them on shopping trips is a great way to advertise. One of the best shopping bags that I have seen was a large zippered insulated tan bag that holds a tremendous amount of items, is sturdy, the handles are strong and I have used this shopping bag over and over without any problems at all.More and more people are using their own shopping bags, and when they are up at the cash register they will give their shopping bags to the clerk who is more than happy to package up the items and put them in the sturdy shopping bag. What a person can do is buy a couple of shopping bags at each store and depending on which store they are shopping at they can take the bag that advertises that particular store they are shopping in at that time.

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