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Saving Mother Earth and Create Recycled Bags

There are many people who are concerned about the caring of our mother earth to keep her healthy for all people everywhere and for years to come. Even the small things that people do can make a big difference. Instead of using plastic bags to put items in after shopping, take re-usable shopping bags. Many stores already offer the re-usable shopping bags, but it is also fun to create recycled bags of your own. One can use their imagination when making their own bags and can have the fun with the whole family when making the bags.Shoppers often end up with many plastic bags and there is always the question as to what to do with all of those plastic bags.

Create Recycled Bags to Reduce Plastic Bag Waste

 To help the environment out the plastic bags can be made into re-usable shopping bags with at least thirty plastic bags, a hard working surface, an iron, a pair of scissors and aluminum foil. Most everybody has all of these items in their homes or apartments to use to create recycled bags with their own logos on them or their own name or to advertise something they want people to know about. Anybody who does not have these particular items to make their own environmentally friendly bag can get the items at their nearest department store.A person can invite friends and family over for a plastic bag party to show others how to make an environmentally friendly shopping bag. This not only shows others how to use the plastic bags for a good use, but to spread the word around about recycling and gather other ideas of how people help to protect our mother earth.

After making the environmentally shopping bags and people take them when shopping they are spreading the word to others just by carrying their environmentally shopping bags where people can see them. Strangers might come up and talk with you about your bag asking where you bought it. When you tell them that you made your own bag from recycled plastic bags, they will want to know more and soon others will hear about your project and the word about your environmentally plastic bags will travel near and far.

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