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Scatter Joy: Advertising with Seed Cards

scatter joy with seed cards

There are many methods of sending information these days. When it comes to advertising, invitations, or simply saying “Thank You”, it seems like there is no room for the old-fashioned note or the printed card. Many people consider the use of printed material wasteful and harmful to the environment on a number of levels, from the trees cut down for paper to the toxicity of the ink used in the printing process. They also believe that many advertisements and written communications will make their way to the landfill, contributing to a growing waste management problem.

Seed Cards Solution

However, there’s a great way around these many issues when your business needs to send a card. Seed cards are made from printable paper that’s been imbedded with a quantity of various seeds. The most popular choice of seed tends to be wildflowers, because they thrive in poor soil conditions. These cards are made to be planted, printed on recycled paper that will provide a food source for the growing seeds as it easily decomposes.

Because they’re made specifically to be buried, those who receive cards made from this special paper won’t be opposed. They can use the invitation you sent for that book signing or special event to beautify their own gardens and window boxes. As long as it reaches a place where the seeds can sprout, soon wildflowers will bloom there.

How Seed Cards Can Work for You

Custom Earth Promos offers a number of amazing variations on the seed card theme to suit your needs. These folded cards come in many different styles, each with a portion of their fabric comprised of seed paper. While your company logo and the important information are often printed on ordinary recycled paper, the seed paper components are detachable. Discretely printed on the back of the card, your clientele will find instructions on how to plant their paper, and what type of seeds are included.

Now, you can maximize the amount of seed paper you send, by choosing among the many attractive templates offered by Custom Earth. Show your clientele that you’re just as concerned about the environment as they are; that you want to help keep it beautiful by planting ecologically beneficial plant species. In some cases, you can even opt to use 100 percent seeded paper for your card, which sends a powerful message as well as a decorative card.

No matter which option you select, you’ll be sending a tasteful and attractive product to your clientele. All of Custom Earth’s seed cards are printed on 100 percent recycled paper with non-toxic dyes. Every card incorporates elements of seed paper into the design in a way most appropriate for your needs.

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