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School Children Gearing Up to Recycle Custom Printed Shopping Bags for the Third Recycle-Bowl Competition

school recycle bowl competition

Keep America Beautiful has been making people aware of the adversities that the environment has been facing while promoting the need for proper waste management. One of its most successful initiatives is the Recycle-Bowl Competition that aims at bringing about a change by inculcating important values in young citizens of the country.

Third Annual Recycle Competition

Keep America Beautiful is a non-profit organization that focuses on prevention of litter, reduction or recycling of waste, and beautification of the community. These objectives are mainly accomplished through public education and community organization.

One such initiative is the Recycle-Bowl Competition that is meant for children from kindergarten to grade twelve. It helps to promote recycling programs and activities that encourage the reduction of waste. The competition has a timeframe of four weeks and during this time period, the contestants track and report the total number of recyclable items they have collected with the objective of winning prizes. Last year’s competition saw a total of 900,000 students participating from over 1500 elementary, middle and high schools.

This year, the third annual Recycle-Bowl contest will be held from the 21st of October to the 15th of November. All private and public schools can register for the competition sponsored by Nestle Pure Life. The school that collects the most recyclable items per person will be awarded 1000 dollars, according to a KAB news release.

The Senior Director of Recycling at Keep America Beautiful, Kelley Dennings, stated that encouraging young school children to recycle had a better impact on society as a whole. The program inculcated the habit of recycling among students while creating an efficient system of waste reduction in schools, since all schools work toward increasing their capacity to collect more recyclable items.

This year, a waste reduction winner will also be chosen by KAB on the basis of trash data and recycling data collected by schools. In addition, schools can also check where they stand in comparison to other schools based on the collection of food scraps for composting.

Encouraging Children to Recycle Custom Printed Shopping Bags

Children learn a huge deal though firsthand experience and exposure to actual situations. They are also capable of convincing adults to work for the betterment of society through their innocence and persuasive ways. So, organizations such as KAB have taken a step in the right direction, by teaching children the importance of recycling. They have surely managed to cultivate an eco-friendly attitude in them.

We too can do our bit in creating responsible citizens. Making children aware of simple options such as reusable containers and recycled custom printed shopping bags can go a long way in ensuring a better tomorrow. However, remember to practice what you preach!     

Keep America Beautiful has been spreading awareness about protecting the environment. The Recycle-Bowl Competition aims at educating young children.

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