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A School Wins the Recycle-Bowl State Award for the Second Time

school wins recycle bowl second time

Keeping in mind the need to promote recycling among students, the organizers of Recycle-Bowl held a unique recycling contest for all the schools in the US. This contest was called the 2012 Recycle-Bowl Competition. This year, the competition was won by Taylor Primary School in Kokomo. However, Riverside Elementary School won the state award for the most eco-friendly school in Pennsylvania for the second time this year.

The Recycle-Bowl – a contest to promote recycling

The Recycle-Bowl is a national level competition in which various US schools compete with each other to win the prize for the most eco-friendly institution. During the competition, the organizers announce winners for every state, and the school that receives the highest ranking is given the national title for the most eco-friendly school in the US. The results of this contest were announced in the month of February 2013, and its award ceremony will take place in March, 2013.

Riverside Elementary School promoting eco friendly promotional items

According to the Principal of Riverside Elementary, Paul Brennan, recycling is a simple procedure, and if people try, they can incorporate it in their daily routines easily. He is pleased that the students from his school took the initiative of participating in a recycling contest, and that their efforts earned them an award as well.

Brennan stated that taking part in this competition was a challenge for all the kids at the school, as they had to plan all their activities meticulously. In order to win, the schools were required to recycle more than each other. Around 27 schools participated in this competition, and thus all the schools had to plan a proper strategy to win it.

Riverside Elementary started recycling all the waste materials of the school since the beginning of the competition. According to the coordinators at the school, the teachers and the children made efforts to convert their academic and food waste into eco friendly promotional items. The national winner of this contest, Taylor Primary School, followed a similar policy.

The organizers are impressed by the participation of the schools

The organizers of the competition were very impressed by all the schools that took part in the competition this year. As a matter of fact, they are hoping that more and more schools will take part in this competition in 2013, as they feel that this competition is a good forum to promote recycling among the students.


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