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Schools Should Go for Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies

schools eco-friendly cleaning supplies

Catch them while they are young, is an oft repeated term. There is a lot of meaning behind the term, and when children are exposed to good things early in life, they stick to them for life. Starting with our own backyards should set a great example. According to state lawmaker Senator Ed Ableser, who used to be a member of the Arizona House of Representatives, starting at the school level makes perfect sense.

Eco-Friendly Cleaning Supplies for Schools

Thanks to Senator Ed Ableser who authored SB 1072 that requires all public school districts and charter schools to implement the use of cleaning products that have been certified as environmentally friendly. However, they have been given time to exhaust their current inventories. In case there are any schools that cannot afford eco-friendly products, they need to substantiate it with an explanatory document.

Going a step further, the other provisions in the bill stipulate that universities, school districts, community college districts and state agencies need to source at least 10 percent of their power requirements from certified “green agencies”, for which they have time until 2019. Although the cleaning products are certified as safe, extra care is taken to avoid harmful chemicals such as chlorine bleach that are not skin friendly. Rick Freeman, director of construction services at Scottsdale Union District School says that all cleaning products are tested for negative side effects before being approved.

One cause for concern is that products that are labeled ‘eco-friendly’ are not effective in eliminating all germs, and some bacteria seem to be immune to such stuff. In such cases instead of using harmful chlorine bleach, antibacterial soap is recommended.

However, Michael Dalrymple, project manager at the Global Institute of Sustainability, Arizona State University feels that it is high time schools switched to eco-friendly cleaning products. He feels that the increasing cases of asthma and allergy are directly attributable to harmful cleaning products with toxic chemical content. Going green has more benefits than most people realize.

Encouraging Eco-Friendly Cleaning

Legislation or no legislation, it is up to the school authorities to take up the initiative and spread awareness. Once the school children and teachers are made to realize the benefits through use of eco-friendly promotional items they are bound to take to the cause in all earnestness and make sure it is implemented. Learning about being eco-consciousness at school level itself will certainly go a long way in protecting our environment.


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