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Eco-Friendly US Schools Passing Litter-less Lunch Policies

us schools litter less lunch policies

As part of the litter-less lunch initiative, most schools in the US do not dispose the garbage, which means the students have to take home the lunch waste. By doing so, the parents can look into what exactly needs to be sent and how it needs to be packed. Parents can send more or less food, depending on the amount consumed by their children. Most parents are using reusable lunch totes, container and even bags made out seed paper to pack the lunches.ff

Daily or Weekly Litter-Less Lunch Programs

Most of the schools across the country have been implementing litter-less lunch initiatives in order to work towards becoming more earth friendly. Some of these schools try to enforce the program on a daily basis, while some other schools enforce the rule at least once a week. By doing so, children are encouraged to bring their snacks and foods in reusable containers and bags. In most schools, the litter-less lunch policy is called the ‘boomerang’ policy, meaning whatever the children bring to school in their lunch box, goes back home.

Keeping a Litter-Less Lunch by Using Wholesale Reusable Bags and Containers

The added benefit of following the litter-less lunch policy is that reusable containers and bags make it quite easy to keep everything around you clean. One of the most popular bag choices is neoprene lunch totes, which can not only be reused but also rinsed and washed when necessary. Reusable containers, cutlery and any other insulated container can be put in the dishwasher for a quick and convenient wash.

It helps to not buy individually portioned food. Instead, parents need to start buying food in bulk and later send small portions in reusable containers. Also, parents must ensure that their children are well aware of the aspects regarding food safety. Educating the children to eat their packed lunch at the appropriate time is quite necessary to help them maintain a healthy diet.


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