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Schwarzenegger’s Eco-Friendly Hummer

schwarzenegger eco-friendly hummer

One of the greatest actors in Hollywood, Arnold Schwarzenegger, proudly showcases his eco-friendly Hummer vehicles as his way of contributing towards the environmental issues. Following his childhood passion for protecting the environment, the star has spent heaps of cash in converting his fossil fuel consuming Humvees into bio-fuel consuming vehicles.

Schwarzenegger Collaborates with the UN

The United Nations honored Schwarzenegger as the Global Advocate of the Year in 2012 for his involvement in all eco-friendly projects world-wide. After leaving the office as the Californian Republican Governor, Schwarzenegger assisted in establishing a nonprofit organization in collaboration with the United Nations. The organization called R20 Regions of Climate Action helps both the European Union and United Nations to achieve various environmental goals including those concerned with global warming issues. Schwarzenegger has generously provided funding for the nonprofit to implement projects all around the world.

Schwarzenegger worked with James Cameron, as an executive producer to create a Showtime documentary series that focused on spreading awareness about the climatic changes occurring around the globe due to human intervention. He has always worked towards creating a sustainable environment and even signed a landmark bill in 2006 mandating the state to control greenhouse gas emissions. The Terminator star believes in taking action at every step and continues to pour efforts into making the world a better place.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items and an Eco-Friendly Hummer

Schwarzenegger absolutely loves his Hummers and sports a wide collection of the line of vehicles. His passion towards the environment and continued efforts to create sustainable environments took form into converting his cars into eco-friendly vehicles. Since he is well-known for contributions towards climate issues, Schwarzenegger is devoted in reducing greenhouse gas emissions and fossil fuel consumption.

The action star was caught on media saying that people would be attracted to environmental issues if these were presented in a sexier manner. His new initiative certainly draws attention of many individuals and business organizations, providing them with many revolutionary ideas to distribute eco friendly promotional items. Schwarzenegger is an inspiration to those people who wish to promote environmental-friendly spirit among the public. He has explained that with increasing climate issues and environmental issues, it is important to conjure attractive ways of presenting information to the public to hold their interest.

Popular Eco-Friendly Luxury Cars in the US

There have been over three million sales of hybrid vehicles in the United States until now, which proves that people have become increasingly aware of environmental issues. The top-selling hybrid luxury cars are Lexus RX Hybrid and Mercedes-Benz S-Class Hybrid. With top-notch design and brilliant fuel economy, these cars are quite attractive to every American. Luxurious and eco-friendly, these cars are the classy way to make heads turn on the highway.


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