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Scotts Valley in Favor of Custom Recycled Tote Bags

scotts valley custom recycled tote bags

While people are becoming increasingly aware about the importance of being environmentally conscious, the excessive reliance on single use plastic bags is still a major concern all over the country. Counties and states have taken up the issue by enforcing laws to prevent people from being over reliant on plastic bags.

Scotts Valley yet to Take a Vote

Scotts Valley is considered to be the last bastion of single use plastic bags, which is seen as a problem by the administration in the area. Most other counties in the area have already enforced the ban. The promotion of custom recycled tote bags can be a solution to the problem, but the plan of how to best incorporate them is still up for discussion.

The vote on the ban of plastic bags has still not been conducted, but the signs are strong that the county will choose to be more eco-friendly while also being mindful and protective of the smaller businesses. For instance, one of the major aspects of the proposed ban is the condition that only businesses with over 10,000 square feet of space or annual gross sales of $2 million or more would face the ban on single use plastic bags. Smaller retailers will be given leeway.

While there is a widespread desire to be more eco-friendly and for people to choose custom recycled tote bags above the plastic variety, the businesses that are directly affected by the ban have put up some opposition. Save The Plastic Bag Coalition is a coalition formed by manufacturers of plastic bags that had filed a lawsuit against the county as a result of the projected impact of banning plastic bags. The impact not only includes monetary losses, but also the fact that there are a number of jobs that will be lost.

Recycled Tote Bags Help Fight Plastic Bag Problems in Scotts Valley

Custom recycled tote bags are considered to be the way forward by many sections of society as they decompose easily. Custom recycled tote bags also offer a number of advantages to the reputation of any business.

There are a number of other reasons why the custom recycled tote bags are a much better option than the single use plastic bag. For instance, one of the biggest advantages is the fact that, because they are manufactured with the intention of being used on multiple occasions, they are generally of much better quality and are more durable as well.


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