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Secaucus Comes Out Leading in Eco-Friendly Initiatives

secaucus eco-friendly initiatives

Sustainable development is the buzz word today. Mayor Gonnelli of Secaucus, New Jersey is a strong supporter of saving the environment and being environmentally pro-active. He stated plans of going green for a better environment.

Secaucus Goes Green

The town is making huge efforts in simple areas like widening their recycling program to banning vehicle idling. Complicated projects are also being undertaken like the acquisition of hybrid vehicles and installation of solar panels.

As the town is a part of Sustainable New Jersey and New Jersey Clean Energy programs, the town can upgrade its environmental initiatives to public buildings like replacing thermostats, sensors, boilers and switches.

The grants even permitted the Shade Tree committee to plant more municipal trees and also expand its maintenance program. Healthy trees eventually contribute to clear air and more shade which consequentially cuts down the use of energy.

An ordinance has been adopted to ban vehicle idling, which is a harmful and pointless habit. Idling like just leaving your car running while talking to someone or waiting wastes fuel and also pollutes the environment.

The old municipal vehicles in the town are being replaced with hybrids that are energy efficient. This way fewer emissions are produced and less gas is consumed as compared to traditional vehicles. The hybrids are presently being used in the towns’ traffic patrol and OEM among other municipal departments. Natural gas filling stations will soon appear all over the town to serve these vehicles.

Solar panels have limitless benefits like renewability and absolutely no negative environmental impact. The great thing about these panels is that they help you save a lot on bills. Several major companies like Ernst and Young are contributing to a cleaner environment by projects like clean ups.

Use of Wholesale Reusable Bags and Other Recycled Items in Secaucus

Secaucus recently has begun making use of fallen trees, so that they don’t go to waste. In partnership with Citilogs, the town will recycle fallen trees into custom furniture and other pieces.

Local restaurants, schools and other public establishments are looking for alternatives to the use of plastic plates and cups since Styrofoam was banned in the town almost a year ago. Styrofoam was banned because it does not degrade and instead pollutes marine life. Reusable totes are being promoted instead.  Another process that is not encouraged in the town is hydraulic fracturing, as it uses hazardous substances during drilling.


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