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Finding Seed Cards Wholesale to Create the Buzz You Need

seed cards create the buzz

Create a Buzz with Seed Cards Wholesale

Finding the right promotional item for your company can be an important factor in your company’s reputation. So what do you want your company to be known for? Make a good impression that will last on your clients by showing that your company is responsible, creative and Eco-conscious. One simple way you can do this is by purchasing seed cards wholesale to mail or pass out to your clients.

Seed cards can be used to convey your greetings, as an invitation or to show your gratitude to your clients all while providing your customer with a useful and green gift at the same time. When your customers are done enjoying the sentiments of your card they simply have to place in in some soil and water it like they would with any seeds to make their plants or flowers grow. They have nothing to throw away or recycle except for the envelope the card came in. They will have no junk from you to get shoved away and forgotten in a drawer as is often the case with promotional items like letter openers and pens. Imagine how many times your clients will think of you when they are admiring and caring for their plants. Not only will it be a gift that keeps on giving to them, it will be a gift that keeps on giving to you with the continuous reminder to them of your business as they watch their plants grow.

Show Your Care for the Environment by Using Seed Cards Wholesale

With today’s public becoming more and more aware of the impact they make on the environment each day giving a promotional item that they can feel good about receiving and owning just makes sense. Eco-friendly companies and products are becoming more and more popular. Give your company a popularity boost by showing you care about what your clients care about. You may not be able to completely turn your company green and eco-friendly overnight but a promotional item like a seed card is just one small and easy step you can take in that direction.

Let your customers appreciate the simplicity and the beauty of this gift while you appreciate the ease of giving it and the positive buzz it will generate for your business.

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