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seed paper shapes custom earth promos

Environmental issues have taken the spotlight in recent years. Customers are paying extra attention to businesses and products marketed as environmental-friendly. A good product by itself is often not enough these days; customers want to know about the production process and how “green” a product and company may or may not be.

There are many ways to brand your company as environmentally-friendly. Publicize conservation efforts, support green non-profits, and find ways to reduce waste in everyday operations.

Recycled paper is a popular option. Using recycled paper helps the environment and attracts environmentally-minded customers. Go one step further, though, and consider printing on seeded paper. Seeded paper is recycled paper that contains seed. The entire paper can be planted in the ground to grow plants. offers seed paper shapes that really grab your attention. These die-cut, shaped cards are available for a wide variety of applications, from logos and emblems to simple squares and triangles.

Many of the shapes relate to nature themes, including trees, leaves, and animals. These would be great for promoting an outdoor event, or perhaps for advertising outdoor-related equipment. Some are appropriate for culinary products or restaurants. Also, the nature shapes imply interest in the environment, further promoting the environmentally-friendly image.

Other shapes offered by are more traditional business images, like dollar signs, computers, or cars. These could promote an industry specific product. Imagine product information about a hybrid car printed on a seeded car. The use of this paper really drives home the “green” message. Or how about a wind farm’s business information printed on a turbine-shaped seed card? No matter the application, the use of seed-filled paper will add an important layer to your company’s conservationist message.

There are a few shapes that are designed for a more specific use. offers a pink ribbon that could add an environmentalist tone to fundraiser advertising. There are California and Texas shaped cards that bring a sense of state pride to the cards. The universal recycling logo carries a particularly strong message when printed on plantable paper.

Letting the public know about your company’s concern for the environment is more important now than ever. Double down on this concept by using recycled paper that is filled with seeds, ready to plant. Whatever the business, whatever the event, or whatever the product, will have seed paper shapes to meet the occasion and let the customer know you care about Earth, too.

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