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Seed Paper Sheets are the Best Garden Gifts

seed paper sheets garden gifts

Seed paper is an interesting, unique product. On the one hand, they are perfectly normal pieces of paper which can be sent through a printer, mailed as a card, or sent with a letter. However, put the seed paper sheets into the ground, water them, and they will grow wonderful plants such as flowers, herbs, and vegetables. They make the perfect eco-friendly invitations, cards, and unique layouts for gardens so give them as a gift or keep a few sheets for your own garden.

With so many invitations going virtual to protect the environment, it can be hard to receive a real paper copy of one. So if you are trying to break this trend with wedding, baby shower, or other invitations but don’t know how to do it and still stand out, give seed paper a try. It is a perfect example of symbolism at these events because from the paper comes new life. Tell all your guests that if they put their save the date or other invitation into the ground or a pot, water it, and watch it carefully, it will come up as beautiful flowers or other plants. Then you can even tell people to bring those flowers to your wedding!

A regular card is often read once, smiled at, and set aside. Sometimes they do not even come with a gift. Not so with cards made out of seed paper. Here, the card becomes the perfect gift for the avid gardener who will not be able to wait to plant their birthday card into the ground and watch it grow. There are many types of seed plants to choose from. For the adventurous cook, send some herbs for their garden, for the lover of beauty, some sun or wildflowers, and for the grow-your-own-food maven, a card which becomes his or her favorite vegetables.

Nothing this creative should only be treated as a gift for others. Buy some seed paper sheets for yourself and plant them in your own garden. It can be easy to make specific shapes or designs with the paper sheets because they are already partially formed. Follow the instructions on the seed paper to know when the best time to plant would be, and use the correct plants for your region so they grow better. Come springtime, these seed paper sheets will give you the most interesting garden on the block.

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