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Why Raleigh Shoppers Should Start Using Personalized Bags

city council Acknowledges the serious impact plastic bags cause

It seems like the city of Raleigh is finally all set to ride the wave of eco-friendliness and sustainability. Recently, a city councilman from the city developed a proposal that dealt with charging a small fee to customers at grocery stores, who make use of plastic bags. Acknowledging the serious environmental impact that plastic bags cause, the amount collected from the plastic bag fee, would go towards city wide clean up and restoration initiatives.

City Considering Ban and Using Personalized Bags Instead of Plastic

Despite a conscious effort to switch to more sustainable options such as personalized bags or even paper bags, Raleigh has been quite slow to implement these changes. A number of cities within the United States have already implemented similar charges. Cities like Austin, Washington D.C, Chicago have already instituted a plastic bag charge policy within grocery stores, while New York City is also deliberating the idea. In many states in the US, plastic bags have already been banned.

Raleigh statesman have commented that the repercussions of the plastic bag charge must first be understood comprehensively before the move can be initiated. Several members of the community though, have already accepted the idea, stating that it should have come far sooner than it has.

Without waiting on the city council to take action, a variety of super markets such as Trader Joe’s, Costco, Aldi, and Whole Foods have already switched to other alternatives in the form of personalized bags or paper bags. However, other smaller grocery outlets remain concerned with the reaction they may receive from more budget-minded shoppers.

City councilmen have also stated that before the fee can be implemented, proper and extensive restoration programs need to be set up so that accountability is improved. There needs to be a clear-cut connect between the collection of plastic bag fees and the various restoration programs.

Environmental Benefits of Personalized Bags

Despite this, the advantages of personalized bags are no longer debatable. Such bags help members of the community drastically reduce their carbon footprints simply because they are re-usable. Individuals can customize their bags in creative ways and take them to grocery stores every time they go shopping for provisions. Personalized bags offer immense benefits in that they are far more sturdy than plastic bag alternatives as well.

As such, these bags provide a simple eco-friendly solution to plastic bags, while also increasing the practical applications derived. Moreover, personalized bags need not only be used when shopping. They are strong and durable enough to carry a range of other household items like clothing, shoes or cleaning supplies.


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