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Shoreline too Favors Reusable Cheap Shopping Bags

shoreline reusable cheap shopping bags

Good times are here for the residents of Shoreline. With the plastic-bag ban taking effect, the city should be rid of the menace of plastic bags littering the streets and clogging the drains as well as waterways. The ban effectively prohibits all retailers from providing their customers with plastic bags to carry their purchases. Shoppers are required to pay 5 cents for the paper grocery bags that are available at all retail stores.

Shoreline Gives a Nod to Cheap Shopping Bags

There is an exception though, plastic bags will be allowed in special cases where moisture could pose a problem. This means plastic bags will still will available for take-away food , dry-cleaners and packing bulk foot items. The terms mentioned in the Shoreline ban are somewhat similar to the ones detailed in the Seattle ban, as it was followed word for word based on the terms mentioned in Seattle’s ban, according to the observations made by John Norris, an analyst.

Seattle seems to have set a growing trend by banning plastic bags and Washington seems to be following suit. Not less than eleven municipalities in the region have passed the necessary ordinances to impose the ban on plastics that prohibits retailers from providing their customers with plastic bags. After the ban became a success in Seattle, it was easier for smaller towns to take the cue without having to face too much opposition. There were murmurs of protest from a certain section of the residents, the council listened to both sides – those supporting the ban, and those against it, and came to a conclusion that was acceptable to all.

Several residents like Kathleen Pomerinke have now taken to using affordable reusable bags instead of plastic bags. Most of them remember to carry their reusable bags whenever they step out of their homes for shopping. Most weekend customers at Fred Meyer in Shoreline were carrying paper bags containing groceries. It is not just in Shoreline, most of the cities where the ban has been successfully imposed witness shoppers carrying their own bags.

Better Experience with Cheap Shopping Bags

Most residents realize that shopping is a chore that has to be completed on a daily basis, whether the retailers provide bags or not. Hence, they have now switched to using cheap shopping bags that are readily available as suitable alternatives to banned plastic bags. The realization has dawned as the larger picture emerges, and the true reason for the ban is to protect the environment that has been polluted through petroleum based products that have been in indiscriminate use all these years.


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