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Entrepreneur Introduces a Sink that Fills Flush Tank to Conserve Water

entrepreneur flush tank conserve water

Twenty two year old Deven Griffin just received a design patent for SinkPositive, a toilet flush tank lid. She bought the patent from inventor and industrial designer, Carl Brown. She is majoring in political science at Wake Forest University, and is now popular as one of the youngest entrepreneurs in the environmental sector. There has been an increasing awareness about eco friendly promotional items and concerns about how to conserve water. As a result of this, Griffin has sold over five thousand SinkPositive flush tank lids, including five hundred this November.

Design of SinkPositive to Conserve Water

The toilet tank lid is constructed from a high-resin plastic material, and is of an optimum size, designed to fit conventional toilet tanks. It includes a faucet, sink, and also a soap dispenser slot. The water supply for the faucet is the same used for the bathroom sink. The faucet can be activated by using the flush. The water used to wash hands or face will drain through the sink hole into the toilet tank. The tank can save at least two gallons of water everyday per person.

Increasing Demand for Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

Griffin is getting help from the media to promote SinkPositive. Due to the publicity, there has been a great demand for the product. SinkPositive is available as standard and deluxe lids. The standard lid costs $139 and the deluxe lid costs $149. It has been estimated that more than seven billion gallons of water go waste in the USA each day. SinkPositive is an innovative way to conserve the water from being wasted.

The inventor, Carl Brown listed out the benefits of SinkPositive when he first introduced it to consumers. When users wash their hands with water in a separate sink after using the toilet, a lot of water is wasted. The wastage is reduced by using SinkPositive, which lowers water bills in the country.

SinkPositive has reached people through its website, newspapers, eco-magazines, and a few retailers. Mostly this product has been sold on the basis of word-of-mouth. Griffin receives almost ten orders everyday due all the publicity contributed towards the product. She is having the product manufactured in Clinton, Tennessee with the hope that having American laborers working on the project will add more value to the product itself. She is yet to receive certification for SinkPositive from ICC WaterSense and the United States Environmental Protection Agency.


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