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Sinkpositive Helps You Save Money by Conserving Water

Sinkpositive Recycles Water

Have you ever wondered if there was a simple way to save money on your water bill? Well, you could always reuse water from the sink after washing your hands by having it flow into the toilet. This might seem like a process that requires a lot of work on your part after each sink use, but nowadays all you have to do is get a Sinkpositive toilet lid!

Why use Water you Could Drink to Flush a Toilet?

Sinkpositive, a company started in our very own North Carolina, has been helping people conserve water for over a decade. They are committed to saving the environment by giving thousands of people an easy way to reduce water usage. And not only do they want to conserve one of our most precious natural resources, they also use eco-friendly packaging in an effort to reduce waste.

Your first thoughts might be something along the lines of – is the water from my toilet that I’m washing my hands with even clean? Well, yes, the water comes right from the supply line, no different from the water that comes out of your normal faucet, and their touchless faucet avoids interaction with germs. From there, water drains into the toilet bowl. The average toilet flushes about 30,000 gallons of water per year. So, imagine reusing all that water without even getting your hands dirty from the hundreds of bacteria on your faucet! Sinkpositive uses “grey water”, water that you wash your hands or brush your teeth with, to fill your toilet bowl. You won’t even need a normal sink anymore because your toilet is acting as one. So you’ll be saving money and making extra space in your bathroom!

Save Money and the Environment with Sinkpositive!

Sinkpositive will benefit you by helping save the environment and money, along with promoting hygiene. Their product is easy to install, and even easier to use because of the touch-free hand wash. Their two models are created to retrofit onto your toilet. The sight of Sinkpositive products will inspire house guests to wash their hands. It’s perfect for even the smallest of children to get them started on going green!

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