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Authorities Worried Over the Side Effects of Reusable Shopping Bags Used in Solana Beach

solana beach reusable shopping bags

The authorities of Solana Beach are reconsidering their decision to ban plastic bags. Solana Beach was one of the first regions in the United States to ban plastic bags. This ban was initiated in the year 2007, and all the grocery and pharmacy store owners were prohibited from giving away plastic bags to the customers. However, looking at the side effects of paper and reusable bags, the beach authorities are wondering if they made the right decision.

The Decision to Ban Plastic Bags and Get Reusable Shopping Bags

In the year 2007, San Francisco became the first city to ban plastic bags in its premises, and soon many other cities followed this trend. Even Solana Beach adopted this ban few months after San Francisco. Most of the cities took the decision to ban plastic bags because reports suggested that these bags have derogatory effects on the marine ecosystem, the landfills, and wildlife. However, now the authorities feel that reusable shopping bags and paper bags also have side effects.

Side Effects of Reusable Shopping Bags and Paper Bags

Since the implementation of the ban, the shopkeepers at the Solana Beach have observed that paper bags have caused inconvenience to the shoppers as they have to pay 10 cents for these. Moreover, reusable bags have still not become a popular choice among shoppers. In addition to this, the shop owners feel that the residents are not happy with the ban, as the latter cannot interpret how these bags are beneficial in comparison to plastic bags, considering the fact that reusable bags have their side effects as well.

According to a recent report submitted by the Waste Management Board in California, plastic bags occupy only 0.4% of the landfill area. Even though these bags are non-biodegradable in nature, they can be reused and recycled. On the other hand, paper bags have a harmful impact on the environment, and they can cause human toxicity as well. In addition to this, reusable bags that are considered to be the safest replacement of plastic bags also have derogatory impacts on the health of the users. As a matter of fact, a lot of the reports have showed that these bags can cause food-borne diseases in the users.

Looking at the positive and negative impacts of the different types of bag, the authorities at Solana Beach are reconsidering their decision to ban plastic bags, and there is a high possibility that the authorities might give the shop owners the option of keeping plastic bags at their premises.


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