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Somerville Wants to Switch to Bamboo Bags Wholesale

somerville bamboo bags wholesale

Somerville Mayor Joseph Curtatone, who has been elected for his sixth term, already knows what changes he needs to bring in to make the city a much better place to live in. In his recent inaugural speech, he said that he hopes for 2014 to be the year in which Somerville finally manages to get rid of plastic bags. Curtatone explained that plastic bags get stuck in tree branches, clog up the drains and gutters and are a major threat for the wildlife as well. All these reasons make it essential for the city to take appropriate steps for getting rid of plastic bags. Curtatone feels that implementing a ban on plastic bags will help the city to a great extent in controlling the issues caused by these bags.

Bamboo Bags Discussion over Plastic Bag Ban

Curtatone mentioned that the City Hall is planning to work on drafting an ordinance to fight the problems caused by plastic bags. He said that together, the officials will analyze which practices will suit the needs of the city. According to him, being a model city, it is now time for Somerville to look into the issues caused due to plastic bags and fix them. This will help the city in being environment friendly in addition to being a well planned and managed city.

However this is not the first time that the city has woken up to plastic bag issues. The problem was first brought into light in 2008 by Alderman Rebekah Gewirtz. But the idea didn’t work out back then and just got tangled in discussions. Curtatone feels that it is high time a ban on plastic bags is implied and will try his best to free the city from plastic bags.

Ban Will Encourage Use of Bamboo Bags Wholesale

Once the ordinance is accepted by the City Hall members, the ban will come into place. This will prevent most of the stores in the city, including large supermarkets such as Whole Foods, Stop and Shop and Market Basket, which wont be allowed to hand out plastic bags to their customers. This way, shoppers wont have too may options, but to carry their own reusable bags while shopping. There are plenty of options for them including cloth bags, bamboo bags wholesale, totes and other varieties of reusable bags. It is just a matter of habit. Once people get used to the idea of carrying reusable bags while going out for shopping, it wont be difficult for them to comply with the ban.


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