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Southold will have to Wait before Making Eco-Friendly Totes Compulsory

totes are convenient for shopping and can be used several times

The Southold Council board was unable to make a decision on imposing a ban on the issue of plastic bags at local retail stores. As supervisor Scott Russell was absent for the missing, the decision could not to be taken. This proposal was on the agenda at the request of East End supervisors and Mayors Association members.

What Led to the Delay of Eco-Friendly Totes?

The agenda was not dismissed, but postponed to be tabled on 17 June 17. The reason why such a move was pushed was because many cities, such as Southampton Hall since 2011, have implemented this ban in all stores, and have dramatically managed to reduce the usage of thin plastics and environment pollution. To help people, the respective cities united with the store owners and promoted the sale and use of reusable eco-friendly totes.

These totes are large and convenient for shopping, can be washed and used several times unlike plastic bags, which are mainly for single use. The Southold Town Board has been studying the matter since April of this year and hopes to reach a feasible conclusion shortly. The proposed ban prevents any retail salesperson from dispensing plastic produce or carry bags measuring 28” x 36” or larger. Instead, the storeowners must provide only reusable and/or recyclable paper bags to the shoppers. To make the ban even more effective, a hefty ban of $100 to $250 per offense may be levied.

Talks of placing this ban have been going on since 2012; Scott Russell having mentioned that he was not too keen on the idea unless other cities had also adopted such measures. After watching the success of this move in many other cities and states, Russell agreed on focused upon the matter.

Residents Can Anyway Begin Using Eco-Friendly Totes

Although Southold may be taking a while to implement a ban and make usage of reusable bags compulsory, citizens should realize the importance of this move as everyone has been subject to the plastic menace in some form or the other. Eco-friendly totes are stylish, utilitarian and economical – what other reason does one need to make the switch? Many US-based companies have already been manufacturing such bags and good Samaritans have been distributing them widely too. It is hoped that Southold will also soon join the green cities and ban plastics while promoting reusable bags in an engaging manner.


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