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Spring Cleaning in Elkhart County

elkhart county spring cleaning

Elkhart County could be on its way to setting up an example for others to follow. With the onset of spring cleaning, Elkhart County has come up with disposal options for its residents and has set up a phone line as well as a website to answer queries about recycling solid waste.

Get Your Recycling Queries Solved during Spring Cleaning

March 20 marks not only the first day of spring, but also renewed and better efforts by Solid Waste Management in Elkhart County to keep the county clean and green. Residents have also shown a keen interest in making the most of the recycling options to keep their neighborhoods clean.

If you need to know where you must take your recyclable stuff, you can find that information from the website or make a call to the helpline. If you are in doubt about what can be recycled and what cannot be, you can just call up the helpline and find out.

You might have stuff like fluorescent bulbs, batteries, old medicines, paints or oils which you can’t toss into the trash can and don’t even know how to dispose of them safely. You must first find out which items are harmful for the environment and then dispose of these items accordingly.

If you have any hazardous substances like aerosol cans, sharp objects, motor oils or flammable liquids, you must take them to the Elkhart County Jail on the first Saturday of any month. Other stuff like old tires, electronic and electrical gadgets can be dropped off at local company-designated sites.

EFP, a foam packaging products manufacturer in Elkhart, has taken responsibility of reusing and disposing clean Styrofoam packages dropped at the manufacturing plant. Other recyclable things like old newspapers, soft cardboard boxes, magazines and aluminum cans can be collected at specified recycling sites all over the County.

Simplest Way of Going Green Lies in Using Wholesale Reusable Bags

It is heartening to see that residents of Elkhart County are adopting appropriate measures to make their surroundings clean and green and co-operating with the authorities to achieve the same. Recycling solid waste, reducing plastic and other toxic waste and reusing as much as possible is the key to saving the planet and this is just what they are trying to do in the best possible manner.

Along with recycling waste sensibly, residents should also try to adopt a more organic lifestyle and try using wholesale reusable bags so that they use less plastic bags which are hazardous for the environment.


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