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US Stores Providing Cash for Used Devices through ATMs


Eco ATMs the New Trend in Stores and Malls

Most of the new stores and malls in the US are installing Eco ATMs for the purpose of proper recycling of mobile devices. Currently, over 165 stores and malls have these ATMs. The number is bound to increase by a huge number by the end of this year. Eco ATMs can recognize a device and also assess the condition of the device before giving out a price for it. Consumers can either collect all the cash from this ATM or just donate the whole or part of the amount to any charity.

According to the developers of these Eco ATMs, the consumers get cash back on the spot. The technology for this ATM was developed through National Science Foundation grants. After determining the value of the device, the ATM gives out cash: up to $200 for iPhone4. In order to collect the money, the consumer must insert their driver’s license to prove that the device wasn’t stolen and tat the consumer is over 18 years of age. Once the phones are collected at stores, they are resold after being refurbished.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items: First It Was Reusable Totes and Now It’s Eco ATMs

With the whole country becoming more eco-minded, more number of green reforms is being included in daily practices. The country started off with imposing the rule of using wholesale reusable bags on shoppers. Eco ATMs seems to be the new found way of encouraging easy and safe ways to recycle electronic gadgets. It is basically a vending machine, which is an example of the booming market for electronic recyclables. You can even call it as e-cycling.

Since cell phones are lighter and smaller, they are much easier to collect from the consumers. Also, most people tend to buy new cell hones after short periods of time, in order to keep up with the changing trend of cell phones. By recycling these phones, valuable components such as copper and silver used in manufacturing these phones is gotten back. The same components can be reused for other purposes.


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