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Student Won Design Custom Bags Contest

student won design bags contest

Charlie Bell, a student of Sheffield’s Westfield School, recently won a supermarket custom bags contest to design a shopping bag. Charlie won the contest by designing a new kind of shopping bag for Sainsbury’s ‘Bag for Life’. He was due to receive his prize on 10th May, 2014, which was to be presented by the Sheffield South East MP, Clive Betts.

Charlie Bags the Prize for the Custom Bags Contest

Sainsbury is known for its commitment to going green and is one of the greenest grocers in the UK. The Sainsbury ‘Bag for Life’ is well-known as a Sainsbury product. This is a durable reusable bag, and Sainsbury often encourages its customers to bring along these reusable bags when they go shopping through various point systems.

The Sainsbury reusable bags are advertised as being made out of recycled material by at least 50 percent, and they are supposed to be 100 percent recyclable. The bags are also extremely durable – hence the term ‘Bag for Life’.

Charlie Bell, who was a student of Sheffield’s Westfield School, entered a supermarket competition to design such a shopping bag. And he ended up winning it with his redesigned version of Sainsbury’s ‘Bag of Life’ shopping bag. His design featured the slogan ‘Our community works together’. And he was presented his prize by Live Betts, the Sheffield South East MP, earlier this month – specifically, on the 10th of May.

Charlie Bell’s price included ‘Active Kids’ sports gear and cooking gear for his school worth up to 150 pounds. He also got a gift certificate that he could use in the same store worth 20 pounds. Additionally, Charlie got a framed copy of his award-winning shopping bag too.

Charlie’s participation didn’t end with the prize though. For after he received the prize, Charlie was also scheduled to distribute around 2,000 free samples of his shopping bag at the supermarket’s store from 11:00 AM onwards on the same day.
Such environment-friendly competitions hold great potential in universities and schools. For other than spreading eco-consciousness among the students, it also gets them directly involved in trying to be part of the solution regarding various eco-hazards.

Why Design Custom Bags for a Custom Bags Contest

Single-use plastic bags have become a real menace and environmental hazard. However, the problem will require diligent focus in order to overcome it. For that’s how far the problem has developed.

The simplest and most easily facilitated solution to using plastic bags right now though, is replacing them with durable, reusable bags. For not only are these bags environment-friendly and recyclable, but they’re also much more durable, adaptable and cost-effective in the long-run.

In fact, now reusable bags are becoming a trend. And there are more and more contests cropping up to design custom bags that are reusable. These are not only eco-friendly, but also great promotional items! People even pick and choose such bags now based on their custom design.


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