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Style Yourself Organically

style yourself organically

The organics consumers are in for a huge bargain price with the Hemp History week that started in June. The offer comes from Stylish Organics. They are offering products below the manufacturer’s price as an incentive to promote eco friendly and green products. The discount on all such products is 15 percent.

Style Yourself With ‘Stylish Organics’ Promotes Green Lifestyle

Stylish Organics’ offer will last throughout June to promote the week long Hemp History. Style yourself organically with products including hemp will available at 15 percent discount. The organizers hope that consumers will get an opportunity to understand the benefits of organic products. Many green products are made in the US and will be offered at a lower price than the manufacturer’s cost price. These are healthy products and are environmentally sustainable.

Some of the products on offer include pet products, gifts, jewelry, home décor, clothing, and personal care products. The interest in organic products stems due to the health hazards of using non-organic products. Organic products are made keeping the health of consumers in mind. According to a US survey several chemicals among the 95 identified toxic chemicals were present in many products used by consumers.

Cosmetics and skin care products that are non-organic are fraught with health hazards. Preservatives, parabens, and other chemicals in make-up products are known to cause kidney failure and cancer since the toxins are easily absorbed through the skin. Organic cosmetic products, on the other hand, do not contain toxic chemicals in any form. They completely eliminate the health risk associated with the use of organic products.

In addition, organic farming methods for making organic cotton used in clothing and linen do not use toxic chemicals. This keeps the environment safe from chemicals that damage ground water and soil. Products making use of sustainable fibers like hemp and bamboo save scarcer resources like trees.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Used to Style Yourself

The fashion industry is increasingly making use of eco friendly promotional items because consumers are aware of the benefits of organic products. Companies like Stylish Organics want to make consumers aware of the health and environmental benefits of using organic products. So, their product line is exclusively from eco friendly manufacturers. Organic products not only have health benefits but they are also sustainable and environment friendly. The non-organic fashion industry uses a large number of chemicals that have severe implications and cause health conditions like skin diseases, cancer, and kidney failure. The organic lines of products offered by Stylish Organics will prove to be a great advantage to consumers.


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