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Impress Clients With the Sugar Maple Recycled Paper Bag!

sugar maple recycled paper bag is perfect for small gifts

For promotional events, one of the best ways to help clients remember you is to offer a gift bag filled with small mementos and information about your organization. With the variety of gift bags available to choose from, it can sometimes seem overwhelming to just pick one out. Custom Earth Promos offers a variety of recycled paper bags, and one that many clients seem to like is our sugar maple recycled paper bag. The sugar maple recycled paper bag is five and a quarter inches wide by eight and a quarter inches high, making it compact, but just the right size to fit in small gift items and pieces of paper. The sugar maple recycled paper bag uses brown kraft paper, ninety five percent of which is obtained by recycling post-consumer mass, making it a far more environmentally friendly option than many similar gift bags. It also offers impressive tensile strength, tear resistance, elasticity, and long term durability to ensure that the bag lasts and can be reused even after the event is done or stored if you have excess. The sugar maple recycled paper bag has twisted trimmings on its bag handles, which are neatly attached to its serrated top frame.

Promote Your Company with the Sugar Maple Recycled Paper Bag

Custom Earth Promos strives to not only produce the highest quality products, but products that are also meet the highest environmental standards. The sugar maple recycled paper bag has a three and a half wide by four inch high imprint area to effectively promote your brand, and our skilled graphic designer will work with you to ensure that your logo meets your exact specifications. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly for information regarding wholesale pricing for the sugar maple recycled paper bag or any of our other promotional products!

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