When browsing the Internet for a surprising option and environmentally friendly paper products, you will undoubtedly come across seed cards. Greeting cards, business cards and postcards made of seed paper are available for personal or promotional uses. Wondering whether these cards are right for you? There are clear reasons why seed cards make great choices for card giving. Respect for the Environment and Your Budget

These cards are becoming increasingly popular, even though they are constructed of alternative materials like recycled paper and wildflower seeds. There is a huge demand for products that reduce human impact on the environment. Production of recycled paper has skyrocketed in recent years in the worldwide push to save trees and landfill space, as well as to reduce the petroleum and electricity required during the manufacturing process. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, 28% of the 250 million tons of solid waste collected in the United States in 2011 was paper and cardstock. This increased public demand, coupled with the sheer abundance of used paper, has made it easier than ever for consumers to find cheap seed cards.

Not only do seed cards help to eliminate paper waste, they are biodegradable and compostable. When placed directly on the ground, this paper absorbs moisture. Soil bacteria then break down the paper into nutrients that plants need. Nontoxic vegetable-based inks on these cards keep soil healthy. Their paper stock contains fewer bleaches than standard paper.

Surprising Option While Being Practical and Artistic

Cheap seed cards are available in multitudes of attractive designs, showing that being eco-friendly and affordable does not sacrifice beauty. Recycled papers are no longer off-white or worn-out looking, coming in a spectrum of bright colors. The spotless fine-grade acid-free recycled paper is of comparable quality to ordinary paper and performs just as well. Custom graphics print well on this high-quality paper. Seed paper can be used alone or in conjunction with fine paper. Seed cards often deliver a unique three-dimensional design through the use of shape cutouts and rough textures.

Surprising Option for a Gift That Keeps on Giving

The blend of wildflower seeds mixed throughout the paper in seed cards sets them apart from any other recycled cards. There is a second gift for the people who receive them since they can plant them instead of throwing them away. The seeds inside really do sprout into flowers, giving a new purpose and meaning to card giving. What a fantastic way to encourage a positive outlook on the conservation of the world's resources!