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Why Fort Collins is Switching to Personalized Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale

Fort Collins residents opposed the ban when the municipal office offered to restrict the use of light plastic bags

Though plastic bag bans are implemented with the view of protecting the planet, the ones who oppose them believe the ban to be a way of creating inconvenience for consumers. At least, that is what few people in Fort Collins said when the municipal office offered to restrict the use of light plastic bags in stores. Now, whether the residents like it or not, the proposal will be advancing towards turning into a law.

What Are the Personalized Reusable Shopping Bags Prohibitions?

The City Council has decided to get the proposed bill in effect, according to which, retail stores will not be allowed to offer single-use plastic bags to their consumers. However, they will have the option of offering reusable grocery bags to consumers who forget to carry their own. These bags will come with a price though, of no less than 10 cents. The stores will be allowed to keep the money made by handing out disposable bags to shoppers who ask for them. However, they will have to shell out at least 50 percent of the collected revenue and use it to distribute personalized reusable shopping bags wholesale to the customers.

Why to Use Personalized Reusable Shopping Bags Wholesale?

Though the proposal passed with the support of five out of the seven council members, the ever-going debate on whether reusable bags like totes, jute bags and canvas bag are better than plastic bags has still not cooled down. A section of industries and residents of the region are not happy with the restriction on usage of plastic shopping bags.

Supporters of the ban argued that plastic and paper bags are not the best options for safeguarding the quality of the environment. Councilman Gino Campana mentioned that plastic bag ban will help the city in reaching its goal of ‘zero waste’ quickly. Plastic bag waste pollutes the environment and affects the life of birds as well as sea animals. Also a major part of the budget is spent on disposing plastic waste. With a ban in place, a reduction will be seen in the nuisance created by plastic bags.

The ones who believe the ban to be a money-making scheme by the authorities, too vented out their anger. They said that it is not the job of the government to tell people in the society how they need to behave. The government is only supposed to look after the infrastructure as well as law and order, and not prescribe the way of living to the people.


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