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Teaching Your Children about ‘Green Alternatives’

teaching children green alternatives

You are certainly doing a commendable job if you lead an organic lifestyle. If you have been following eco-friendly practices for a while now, you can go one step ahead and spread awareness about the same to people around you. The best way to start doing this is to start at home, by educating your children about eco-friendly habits. As they are the future of this planet, it is essential to teach them how exactly they can help preserve it. Here is how you can do it in a fun, non-preachy manner.

Inculcating ‘Green Sense’ or Green Alternatives in Children

Children tend to get bored with the routine quite often and if you make eco-friendly habits a chore for them they will certainly refrain from following them. So, begin by making small ‘green’ changes in home. You can start by something as simple as placing two bins in the house, one for wet waste and one for dry. You can reward your children by giving them small goodies for placing the waste in the right bins. This will keep them excited about following the practice.

Slowly you can explain to them what happens when the trash is carried away by the cleaning service and how it is recycled. A simple way to get them into recycling is by making them explore DIY recycling projects, where they can be motivated to reuse old, unwanted items.

If you have a garden, it is more or less like hitting the jackpot in this case. Most children love being outdoors, so begin by making them plant seeds and taking good care of the saplings. Teach them that supermarkets are not the only place where they can find fruits and veggies. Emphasize that they can grow their favorite fruits and vegetable at home, which are certainly more organic and fresh than the store-bought ones. Also, encourage them to spread this habit among their friends in school.

Educating Children About Green Alternatives with Eco-Friendly Promotional Items

You might be dreading the impact that technology has on your young ones, but what if you could use the same for inculcating sustainable habits in them? There are plenty of apps and games on the Internet that aims at teaching children about ‘Green Alternatives’ and following it. Once they are motivated enough to go green, there is no stopping the children, isn’t it?

Businesses too can help in promoting organic habits among children by offering eco-friendly promotional items. These items will not just help children in learning more about the environment and preserving it, but also help the companies in gaining a good reputation in the market.


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