The double wall bottle is an excellent, lightweight product offered by Custom Earth Promos that can safely hold any cool beverage, with the added bonus of having insulated walls so that if you put ice in your drink your hands will not get cold. The double wall bottle is available in clear, red, or royal blue, and can hold up to sixteen ounces of liquid. The plastic construction of the double wall bottle makes it lightweight and low maintenance, and features an easy pour-out spout secured close with a cap on the lid ensuring that it is safe for children to use without worrying about them spilling anything.

Bring Your Double Wall Bottle to Promote at a Party

If you are considering the double wall bottle as a promotional product, the imprint area is two inches by two inches and positioned to garner attention and visibility so that your business' logo will be well recognized. The double wall bottle is also BPA free and FDA compliant, meaning that it is made without any harmful chemicals that can be found in similarly designed water bottles at major retail stores. Lastly, the double wall bottle is dishwasher safe, so you can easily throw it in with the rest of your dishes instead of worrying about washing it by hand or opening up your dishwasher to discover a molten mess. Overall the double wall bottle is a competitively priced, sleekly contoured, lightweight product that is sure to delight and receive frequent use. Custom Earth Promos focuses on creating premium quality products, and the utmost care is taken to ensure that you will be thrilled with your purchase. Consider calling Custom Earth Promos directly to ask for wholesale pricing on the double wall bottle!