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The Green Vets – A Unique Project

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The Green Vets, Los Angeles is a very unique program that has helped homeless veterans and made an environmentally-conscious contribution to society. This program, founded by Jim Cragg, facilitates homeless veterans with jobs. These jobs are primarily stitching jobs wherein the veterans stitch wholesale reusable bags that are later sold to businesses.

The Face Behind Green Vets – Jim Cragg

Jim Cragg has been associated with green projects for a long period of time. As a matter of fact, he is regarded as the leader of several past campaigns against plastic bags. These campaigns against the usage of plastic bags were carried out in many different places from Los Angeles to Sacramento. Given his background, it’s no surprise that he has come up with such a unique idea to help the veterans and to promote the usage of eco-friendly products.

Purpose Behind Manufacturing Reusable Bags

Cragg feels that this project could counter the claim that banning plastic would lead to unemployment. According to him, if industries that require bags give the Green Vets Los Angeles an order of 100,000 reusable bags, the veterans would be employed for a period of nine months. Even though the project faces strong competition from reusable Chinese bags, Cragg insists that the program will not alter its pricing or the quality of its products to make profits. As a matter of fact, all the money that is collected from the sale of these bags is either invested back in the project or forwarded to other government projects that help veterans.

The Impact of the Project on the Green Vets

In addition to being an effort to spread the importance of using eco-friendly products, this project is also helping transform the lives of many veterans. In one of his interviews, Cragg admitted that through this project he wanted to help out all the veterans who were disillusioned and needed a calling in life. The idea for Green Vets apparently stemmed from a past tragedy in Cragg’s life. One of Cragg’s friends committed suicide after returning home from being stationed in Afghanistan. This incident made Cragg think about the need for a program to help injured veterans get back to normal life and he launched the Green Vets.

Cragg launched this project with just 20 sewing machines in 2009, and he now has many more veterans working on the project. He hopes that this project will not just help rehabilitate the veterans, but also help the market for eco-friendly products grow.


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