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Our Line of Timeless Trade Show Eco-Bags Keeps You Prepared for All Big Events!

timeless tradeshow eco-bags can used again and again for trade shows or promotional events

With the summer over and fall in full swing, businesses are now prepping to do the majority of their advertising and trade shows that occur in the months leading up to the holidays. With so many things to prepare for, keeping everything straight can be a nightmare. However, Custom Earth Promos line of timeless trade show eco-bags are the perfect solution for keeping all of your things together, organized, ensuring that on your big day you aren’t left scrambling. With a seventeen and a half inch width and fourteen inch height, the timeless trade show eco-bags are made to easily accommodate all your materials. The timeless trade show eco-bags are made with a ten ounce thickness to ensure long term durability and ensure that the bags can be used over and over again. Available in classic black and navy, the bags have a four and a half inch by five inch imprint area so if you are consider using this as a promotional product, your logo will appear against a crisp dark backdrop, fully highlighting it.

Hand out Timeless Trade Show Eco-Bags at Your next Event!

Custom Earth Promos strives to not only make high quality products, but products that are eco conscious and are made with the highest eco standards. Our line of timeless trade show eco-bags are a high end, versatile product, that you can use again and again for trade shows or promotional events. Contact Custom Earth Promos directly to speak to one of our skilled staff members directly regarding wholesale pricing for our timeless trade show eco-bags or to answer any other questions you might have!

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