Many people believe that the only way to grow beautiful flowers is to spend hundreds of dollars on bulbs, seeds, and long hours of garden work. While this is definitely true for the more luxurious flowers like tulips, roses, and daffodils, a person can go about planting beautiful flowers in his or her home, office, or garden without ever leaving the house in an interesting and environmentally friendly way! This is because you can now buy recycled items that are made out of seeds. Yes, these are not merely paper items that you are buying, but papers formed out of actually seeds that you can grow. This plantable seed paper comes in many different colors for a person who is interested, but is one of the more intriguing and inexpensive ways to plant beautiful flowers.

These seed papers are infused with wildflower seeds that grow naturally outside. You have probably seen these when you are walking, driving, or even at the store for sale, but for sale in prices that are not worth it. When you buy the plantable seed paper you are going to understand the beauty of the wild is not only now yours, but something that you have complete control over. The papers come in standard 14pt thickness, but you can get them in two sizes. These sizes are the standard 8.5 X 11, or 13.25 X 17.95, the larger of which is only available in white, but is still beautiful.

The colors that you can choose from, which will normally depict the color of flower you will grow, are white, forest, sage, chartreuse, powder, light blue, teal, royal, violet, lavender, burgundy, pink, cranberry, Terra Cotta, salmon, orange, coffee, and yellow. With this huge variety of plantable seed paper in stock, there is really no reason that a person will not be able to find a particular color that he or she desires. There are, however, a few more things that you need to know about these papers before buying them.

There are options that you can choose from that allow you to get this plantable seed paper with writing on it in different forms such as a card or letter, but that can still be printed on. The white version of this paper can actually be written on if desired, and then still planted! You have the choice depending on the paper that you choose to get your own custom mix of seed color, thus creating the ability to customize the land you are planting in. If you are printing these for a business, you can also customize them so that they fit the color scheme of whoever is going to be getting them in order to match business colors. All of these items are recycled and help make the environment better.