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TRSA Happy With the New Enactment Related to the Hazardous Waste Management Passed by EPA

trsa hazardous waste management

The Textile Rental Services Association of America or TRSA is happy with the passing of the final rule published in the Federal Register on 31st July 2013. This rule modifies the regulations for the management of EPA hazardous waste, targeted at wipes contaminated with solvents. The proposal was first made in 2003 and TRSA has been supporting it since then.

Changes in the Regulations of Hazardous Waste Management

According to the rule, the best options adopted by TRSA for the handling of dirty reusable textiles are codified based on a 20-year-old publication. This rule does away with the transportation of free liquid with towels and other washed items, sent for cleaning and reuse to textile service facilities.

The meaning of solid waste in the RCRA or Resource Conservation and Recovery Act has been altered by the final rule. It now provisionally eliminates wipes, contaminated with solvents, which have been washed and reused. The classification of hazardous waste is also modified and now excludes solvent-contaminated shop towels, on the condition that the shop towels are cleaned thoroughly and the solvent-contaminated wastewater is disposed of in a proper way.

Wipes and solvents are used for cleaning by numerous facilities across industrial sectors which include shops that repair automobiles, printing companies, and various manufacturing units. The used wipes are handled and washed by commercial laundries as a service provided by the commercial laundry business.

Merchandise made from reusable material plays a crucial role in minimizing waste in industries across the country stated The Vice President of Government Relations at TRSA – Kevin Schwalb. He also added that the effectiveness and cost factor of reusable products made them a better option in comparison to single-use products.

TRSA has also partnered with EPA to phase out the use of nonylphenol ethoxylates in liquid detergents. TRSA was honored with Champion status in 2008 in the Safer Detergents Stewardship Initiative for the voluntary use of safer surface active agents that do not have an adverse effect on the environment. So, TRSA has been constantly involved in initiatives that promote the preservation of the environment.

Eco-Friendly Organizations and Big Companies to Reduce Hazardous Waste Management

Eco-friendly organizations have been working round the clock to promote better options for a healthier environment and the job they do is surely commendable. They should now start capitalizing on big companies to promote eco-friendly promotional items.

Eco-friendly promotional items not only help in creating awareness among the general public but also act as a good method of advertisement for the company. Such products encourage people to be in touch with the needs of the environment. They are also beneficial to the company since many individuals believe that they can make a difference by simply opting for products manufactured by an environment conscious brand.


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