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Tucson Needs to Switch to Reusable Eco-friendly Bags

tucson reusable eco-friendly bags

Tucson is struggling with plastic waste issues. A walk down the streets of the city can make this obvious given the number of plastic grocery bags that can be seen in sewer drains, bushes, and trees. Not only does this sight make for an eyesore, but also poses a major threat to the ecosystem. This has made many in the city consider banning plastic bags which can be replaced by reusable eco-friendly bags.

Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags Has Issues with Plastic Bags

Leif Abrell who is a scientist in Arizona Laboratory for Emerging Contaminants at the University of Arizona feels that it is quite insane considering the number of ways in which plastic is present in the environment and degrading its quality and still not much is being done to tackle such a serious issue. He measures organic chemical traces found in the ecosystem particularly in soil and water samples. He has found in his research that plastic makes it way in the environment and is a major threat to natural balance. He also specifies that plastic on its own is not that big a threat. The problem starts when it starts breaking down and releasing chemicals like antimicrobials, plasticizers and flame retardants in the environment. Ultimately it also harms animals and plants as they use water and soil which has these harmful chemicals.

Jon Chorover, the head of Department of Soil, Water and Environmental Science of UA is also a supporter of eliminating plastic bags. According to him, plastic waste takes up a major chunk of the landfill area and extensive use of plastic in everyday life just adds to the wastage. A large part of waste plastic bags also pollute the ocean and are considered to be the second most common kind of waste after cigarette butts.

One option of dealing with this issue is said to be recycling plastic bags. But this solution to does not stand too well in the long run as taking plastic bags to recycling plants can also cause wastage. Flexible and light plastic materials can get stuck in the machinery parts which can lead to clogging and even maintenance problems in the machine.

Tucson Can Switch to Reusable Eco-Friendly Bags with Plastic Bag Ban

Many cities in the country have already implemented a ban on plastic bags to promote reusable eco-friendly bags. Tucson too can consider this option as reusable bags are much more eco-friendly compared to plastic bags. They can be reused and are much durable too.


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