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Ukiah High School Environmental Club Provides Reusable Bags

ukiah high school club reusable bags

On 24th October, 2012, approximately three hundred community members were present at the Ukiah Food Bank in order to receive provisions like every year, but this time there was an addition along with the groceries given. Each member present was provided with 2 sturdy custom reusable bags, which was issued by the Environmental Club members of Ukiah High School.

Ukiah High School Environmental Club President Explains the Purpose of the Project

The co-president of the club, Martina Morelli, explained to the attendees about the implementation and origination of the entire project. Members of the Environmental Club have been part of the support system for the city-wide single-use bag ban. Apart from this, the club also wanted to ensure that the city people had something positive to take from the ban.

Most of the residents were concerned that the ban of bags might end up creating unwanted hardships for the people who weren’t able to purchase reusable bags. Since this was the opinion of most people in the city, the Environmental Club wanted to give reusable bags for free so that people could have easier access to them and also help in protecting the environment.

The co-president, Claire Morrison, added that the members wanted to do something positive in order to motivate the people to utilize wholesale reusable bags. She continued to say that the club members did not want the ban to become a barrier and wanted to prove to the residents that there were other earth friendly alternatives to plastic bags as well.

Ukiah High School Received Grants to Buy 700 Wholesale Reusable Bags

The idea for the entire project initially originated in the Environmental Club in 2011. It was put into action this year after the club received grants to invest in about 700 reusable totes, along with another 100totes that was provided by the Ukiah daily Journal. A significant part of the total amount that was to be used for the purchase of totes was gotten by fundraising efforts. Once this was done, Morelli met Mary Anne Landis, the City Council member, in order to discuss and determine the sites for distributing the bags.

The initiative of the club encourages people to be more environmentally aware and helps realize that it is necessary to preserve nature for the future generations as well. So far, the club seems to have got the support of most of the residents, and is confident that they will succeed in making the city greener.


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