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Students From University of Nebraska Interested in Organic Farming

university of nebraska organic farming

The idea of organic farming is catching fancy among the students of Nebraska University (in Lincoln). They are serious and determined in their pursuit to practice organic farming for which they are seeking financial support. The university has offered them the land they need to run their farm. All they need now is funding to begin their dream project.

The Students Interested in Organic Farming

Danny Martin of Nebraska University-Lincoln is like any other student except that he has the vision of raising an organic farm in the university. Martin, a recent graduate in Environment studies from the university, wants more students to join the project. He has got the support for this project from other students in the university, Jenn Simons, and Neil Tabor. This student-run half acre farm located on the east campus is going to be the first of its kind project in the university. The vision of these students is strengthened by the university’s commitment to offering the land. All they need now is raise funds towards remodeling a greenhouse on the land where they intend to grow plants.

The students got their first success when came up with the offer of over $2000 out of $3500 required to kick-start the project. The plantation is most likely to begin by early April if all goes well. A local non-profit organization named Community CROPS is closely involved in this project. This organization has promised to help the project with funds and expertise. The project will likely fulfill two goals – training and making students aware of alternative farming methods and creating sources of organic vegetables to be served in the university’s residence.

According to Martin, other than the two associates in this project, the agronomy professor of the university, Charles Francis, has been the source of inspiration for the project. The trio including Martin, Jenn Simons, and Neil Tabor visited several student-run farms before to understand how they could start their own project.

Eco-Friendly Promotional Items Used in Organic Farming

It is hoped that the eco-friendly promotional items used in the food industry will continue to gain increased popularity with university students starting organic farming projects. Organic farming is critical to health and environment, for the farming method does not use inorganic chemicals, fungicides, and pesticides.

Students of environmental studies and other similar courses rarely have the hands-on experience of real projects. Most often, they have to rely on textbooks to understand organic farming or alternative farming methods. Although there are student-run organic farms in Ames, Iowa, Madison, Wisconsin, and other places, they are few and far between. It is hoped that projects like these would encourage more students to launch similar projects which would popularize the idea of organic farming.


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